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Contacting Navista in China

When you work with Navista, you can expect:

       A prompt response to your questions and inquiries

       Clear and precise communication in plain English

       Communications within your normal business hours

       Honesty and openness in all business dealings

       Unambiguous and efficient business transactions

As one U.S. customer commented, "It's easier to do business with Navista in China than it is with most of my other suppliers who are just around the corner."
Contact Information


Suzhou Navista Components Co., Ltd.

No. 128 Hong Ye Road, Bldg B1

Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215021

Peoples Republic of China


Tel:   (86) 139.1554.1114


To contact us, please send an email message to the appropriate email address listed below.  This will insure that your inquiry is handled in a timely manner.


Inquiries:               inquiries@navista-china.com


Accounting:           accounting@navista-china.com


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